Due Process

A fair trial in a fair tribunal is a basic requirement of due process, where our system of law has always endeavored to prevent even the probability of unfairness.

Gutierrez De Martinez v. Lamagno, 515 U.S. 417, 428 (1995) (citing In re Murchison, 349 U.S. 133, 136
(1955); In re Murchison, 349 U.S. 133, 136 (1955)). See below link with due process controversy...

National Firearms Act [NFA] and National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record [NFRTR]

The above acts where in major controversy See Haynes v. United States 390 U.S. 85 (1968) thus Congress Made the below corrections:

The Gun Control Act [GCA] of 1968