Welcome to the PAGS Across America


We are setting up this page to allow members of the PAGS Across America group, as well as all other like minded individuals and groups, to join in signing documents that will be submitted as letters or filings directed to state or federal branches of government for the purpose of notifying the same of grievances, and demanding that actions be taken to address and resolve such injustices. 

As such documents are completed in pdf document form, and made ready to receive electronic signatures, we will post a link on this page where the documents can be read.  After reading a document, and determining that you want to join us in the stated action by adding your electronic signature, you will need to send us an e-mail message requesting that the prepared document be sent to you.  Complete instructions for creating an electronic signature for use in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, and for requesting and returning a document to us are included in a pdf document which you may view, download, and print if desired, by clicking this link

The document includes a signature test page (not viewable or usable until you download and view the document on your computer) that will allow you to test and confirm that your created signature is working properly, and future signings will then take only a moment to complete.  Your electronic signature will be fully secure in that only you will have the power to create, save, and use that electronic signature, and no signature can be copied and pasted to another document.  Furthermore, a document cannot be altered after any signature is added, as this would cause the document to be non-certifiable.  Thus, whatever you see when signing a document will be the final revision.

We hope to obtain at least 50 electronic signatures on each document, and since only one individual at a time may add their signature, it is imperative that each  individual create their electronic signature in advance of requesting a document, and that each such document be signed and returned as quickly as possible after requesting it so that we may forward the document to the next requester.