About PAG's Across America

Some relevant Q & A

Q - What is a PAG? 

A - PAG is an acronym meaning "Private Attorney General."

Q - Is PAG a self declared status, or does it have actual authority?

A - It is a status and authority granted to the people by Acts of Congress.
Legislatures of 22 states have also enacted similar PAG legislation.

Q - Why was the status and authority for PAG created?

A - It was created so as to allow non-BAR members of the public to
investigate and prosecute individuals, groups, and corporations, that have
perpetrated crimes against the people or their environment, especially
when righting such wrongs would be of considerable benefit to society as
a whole, or to large numbers of people who are adversely affected.  

Q - What, specifically, is a PAG authorized to do?

A - The authorizations and applications are wide ranging. To learn about
these authorizations and applications, we suggest reading an explanatory
document created by founding member John Rowe.  Click here for the
explanatory pdf file, which you may read, download, and print if desired.

Q - Can I become a Private Attorney General, and if so then how?

A - Yes, you may, and the best way to start is by gaining a thorough
knowledge of PAG related information found in the pdf document linked
to in the previous Q&A answer.

Q - Can I become a member of the PAG's Across America group, and what
are the benefits of doing so?

A - Yes, anyone currently acting in the capacity of Private Attorney General,
and anyone seriously interested in becoming a PAG may join our group.
The benefits realized from doing so are numerous. Group members have
direct access to resources which are not available to non-members.
These resources include useful documents and document templates,
direct access to other group members, and participation in live
one-on-one group discussions and chats. To request membership, point
your mouse at the 'Home' drop-down menu at top left of this page and
click the 'Register' link.     

Q - Is there a fee for becoming a PAG's Across America member, or any
monthly dues required to remain a member?

A - No, there are no related fees or monthly dues. Our only requirement is
that those who join are expected to contribute to the group in some
beneficial manner, which could include research activities, case law
studies, writing documents, website maintenance and enhancements,
providing assistance to new members, etc. Of course any monetary
contributions from members or non-members, no matter how small or
large, are greatly appreciated and needed in order to manage the costs
associated with maintaining this website and providing other services.

Q - How can I make a monetary donation to PAG's Across America?

A - Donating to PAG's Across America is as easy as clicking on the 'Donate Now' button found below.  We thank you in advance for your generosity. 



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